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Travel Clothing
Image by str8Taylor
N. Grabsch for HBC Clothing 2014

Honoring the dead
Travel Clothing
Image by Shawn Harquail
Paper houses, luxury cars, laptops, clothing, and other valuable items, all made out of paper, go up in smoke to honour the dead. Many Vietnamese people believe the more offerings they burn for their dead relatives, the better their afterlives will be, and they believe the dead will bring them prosperity, good luck and good health in return for their generosity.

Travel Clothing
Image by Maiko & Geiko
【Geiko, March 19, 2017】
Geiko is Kimiaya.
Shooting location is Nijyojinya.
Photo by Patrick Hochner.

【芸妓, 2017-03-19】
Photo by Patrick Hochner.

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